ispconfig and chrooting users

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    With script the users and groups of the chroot created are not quit finished. My suggestion is:
    together with root and the web user to embed also the apache user in passwd,
    and to set the groups to root, to the web users group and the group of apache.

    My modified code part looks like:

    # Add some users to ./etc/paswd and some groups to ./etc/group
    websu="`grep /etc/apache2/apache2.conf -e "^User" | cut -c6-`"
    grep /etc/passwd -e "^root" -e "^$CHROOT_USERNAME" -e "^$websu" > etc/passwd
    websg="`grep /etc/apache2/apache2.conf -e "^Group" | cut -c7-`"
    grep /etc/group -e "^root" -e "^`id -Gn $CHROOT_USERNAME`" -e "^$websg" > etc/group

    About ispconfig else:
    great work and thanks a lot for the sure hard work to the delelopers.

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