ISPConfig 3, Wordpress and Domain Mapping

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by reason8, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. reason8

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    Hello and good afternoon.
    I am running ISPCOnfig 3 and a Wordpress Installation.
    Websites are loading fine.
    However, I am having issues with a forwarding to a
    I am using Cloudflare for DNS.
    I have CNAME added to cloudflare dns pointing to wordpress multisite domain at
    Everything works well with the default url:
    However, when switching domain mapping to, I am shown the default ISP config page.
    This default page is the 000default.tld which is the main page for the original ISP Config account.
    Can someone assist me in understanding and resolving this?
    I just need to goto

    I am running Ubuntu 16 x64
    ISPConfig 3
  2. adamjedgar

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    Wordpress domain mapping has nothing to do with other ispconfig virtual accounts...that is for ispconfig to control.

    Wordpress by nature is capable of replacing dont actually need a cpanel with a server dedicated to a wordpress multisite network. I personally do use one because it makes aspects of LAMP server administration easier for me (Im a windows bred user so the more capable the CP the more i can and do use its gui interface to control the LAMP administration)

    Anyway, once you have a single domain working with ispconfig, wordpress does everything else for that domain directory and its sub domains/sub directories (depending on which method you are using in wordpress)

    One good resource is

    Why are you pointing a cname record at cloudflare? It should be an A record for cnames are for things like aliases and i dont see as an alias of they are nothing to do with each other. If i am reading you correctly, by you adding a cname zone record at registrar and at cloudflare, you are redirecting your new domain to the parent domain default apache/nginx website url on your hosting your ispconfig Doing this is one reason why you see the default ispconfig page and not the wordpress one, another reason could also be that your webserver (apache/nginx) may be incorrectly configured?

    You dont mention your own nameservers so in light of that i assume you are using only external ones... your registrar and cloudflare.

    It should be this....
    1. A record at your server ipaddress
    2. A record at your ispconfig server ip address
    3. Wordpress multisite maps web browsers to the corect subdirectory/subdomain within itself on your server.

    Essentially a dns dig should, in a basic configuration of shared ipaddress, just show your ispconfig server external ipaddress for "all" wesbites on it.

    Anyway, if any of your websites are in your wordpress multisite install, wordpress multisite looks after the mapping of them itself...whilst not supposedly needed, i use the wp mapping plugin for this it seems to work better for me this way.
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  3. reason8

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    Thanks but issue resolved. The way for forwading domains to subdomains is a little different with the new WordPress version. Not to mention, cloudflare does not do URL forwarding natively. You have to use several page rules for forwarding. Which luckily, I was able to forward the subsites subsite1.mydomain.tld to their domain.tld using CNAME.

    I may be able to do with with A record but have not tried it.
    Thanks again!

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