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    Hello I've migrated from normal users to a virtual user environment for mail and websites and other services as well.
    Unfortunately i have a problem related to finding a solution for sitename/~username. IN the old server concept is was quite easily with user_dir module in apache2.
    In ISPConfiguration i do not have this ability - ( i've tried to implement a tutorial but there are files missing from the tutorial -
    Userdir Access On ISPConfig3 Server - on the hotwoforge website )
    I got issues with some lack of data ( 404 on their websites).
    Other people sugested that I should use the subdomain concept per each user but this will be a tricky issue at the moment.
    ALso in ISPConfig 3 concept the users are binded to a domain and not to a specific directory ( ftp access and ssh access as well).
    I would like to kindly ask you if there is a method to implement the user_dir with users assigned to a specific path ( part of the website domain's path).

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