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  1. emaddaou

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    Hi guys, Happy New Year!

    I am starting a wordpress Multisite project, I am signing up for VPS at digital Ocean and they support Ubuntu but not sure if they support Debian.

    I am going to implement ISPConfig 3 as per how to forge articles, but which one you recommend of the following links?

    And if they support Debian which one of the following links you recommend

    Besides, I will appreciate your suggestion in terms of firewall and security settings since it is going to be a production Wordpress Sub-Sites Hosting Server. Does ISPConfig firewall is enough to protect the Hosting server?

    Have a great year!

    Thank you,

    Imad Daou
  2. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    First question come up for me is: WHY using an old OS instead of the latest? Both Ubuntu 12.04 as Debian 6 Squeezy are old, the latest are Ubuntu 13.xx and Debian 7.3 Wheezy! Next, as ISPConfig is developed on Debian Linux it would be have better compatibility!

    AFAIK NGIX need's quite a bit of knowledge and isn't that easy to use than Apache.

    Regarding Firewall, special if you use an highly accessed internet server, I would prefer an hardware firewall alike which would be placed between the Modem/WAN and Switch/LAN. An really good solution is Smoothwall Express which is Freeware and need just an low performance computer for to run. Take a look here:! All it needs is an old low power 586 or up machine with min. 2 LAN Cards, 40GB HDD, CD Drive. Only for to install and configure you need Keyboard Monitor and Mouse! It would look like: WAN/Modem<-->Smoothwall Express<-->Switch/LAN. It highly configurable, using also Mac Addresses, and and and! Take a look at it! It's developed by an UK Company with an very good name (they make their business which Hardware systems and so, Smoothwall Express is for SME the best available solution! And FREE!!

    By the way, I'm new to Linux, just started 3 month ago with ISPConfig, work mainly on IBM Mainframes and Windows Servers.
  3. sjau

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    on a server I just use Debian stable (currently Wheezy). Debian has proven to me to be very reliable over the years and ISPC runs fine on it :)

    So I'd go with Debian Wheeyz, Apache, Bind, Dovecot :)

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