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  1. danielborene

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    Hello everyone,
    First of all, i'm new to linux ubuntu and i'm seeking some help from all you experts...

    I've got couple domains that I want to host on my own server at home, I got cable internet with static IP address.

    I followed all the instructions from howtoforge on how the setup the perfect ubuntu 9.04 with ISPConfig 3, the installation went fine and everything works.. now my question is.. I'm not really familiar setting up DNSs and it always confuse me a little all those zones and etc...

    What do I need to do, to get the my domain pointing to my server, do I need to create the custom DNS thing with my domaing hosting? how about on ISP config, what kind of DNS configuration I need to enter on ISPCOnfig?? What about emails? Do I need to setup a MX address? how do I do that?

    Thank you very much
  2. falko

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    Most likely your domain registrar hosts the DNS records for your domains, so you don't need to touch ISPConfig's DNS Manager. All you need to do is configure your DNS records in your domain registrar's web interface.

    You can find out about the authoritative nameservers for a domain by running
    dig ns

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