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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by warda, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. warda

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    need some help on this PLz:
    I installed ISPconfig 3 on Ubuntu 9.10 using perfect server guid ...every things was fine to me... adding website through the control panel and assign an IP for each site works fine.....but when i use only one IP (ispconfig IP or internal IP) (shared)for two or more website e.g ( , ....!, i got this:
    when i try to open these site( or example3..) , always get page .!
  2. till

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    Make sure that you added the other sitesa s websites and not as subdomain or aliasdomain and that all domains have a dns a-record that points to the server and that you have enable the auto subdomain www in the site settings of every site.
  3. Dag Andresen

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    I used this method om my server before and it worked perfectly fine:
    1. Sites->Add new website
    2. Enter details:
    IP: choose your internal ip (example:
    Auto-Subdomain: www
    PHP: Mod-PHP
    3. Click Save
    4. DNS-> DNS Wizard -> Add DNS zone
    5. Enter details:
    IP Address: Enter your EXTERNAL ip (example:
    6. Create DNS Record
    7. Add email domain
    8. Add email accounts
    9. Add FTP user to your domain
    10. Add database if needed
    11. Add cron jobs if needed

    This is based on my own experience and testing and this is the method I figured out worked. Good luck for you.

    If it doesn't work try changing Internal Ip AND subdomain to * for ALL your domains. That worked for me when I had trouble getting phpmyadmin to work.
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  4. warda

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    thanks guys i will try it ... and give u the results soon

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