Ispconfig 3 server down :(

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by milk1984, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. milk1984

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    Hi, first of all i'm sorry for my english..

    I'm having strange problem on my server hosted on hetzener, yesterday eveningi Went to the ispconfig3 System > Server Config and i check the box of my network configuration that before are unchecked... Bad thing... server now are down.. i can't reach it :( with ssh or in any other mode, the only way for reach it are using rescue hetzener system that work but when i came into my server in rescue mode i can't find anything strange..

    i've read this post

    i look into my server table in dbispconfig the only difference are between the post are that server config are write in the table.. than i delete it and i unchecked the box in Server Config but nothing change :( if i stop the rescue system the server isn't reachable and it's down :( .

    in other tries via rescue system i control intefaces file but it seem normal and for resolv.conf are the same. i 've tried to uninstall ispconfig but i think that i've delete directory in tmp, then i download it, after i tried to uninstall ispconfig with the uninstall.php but not working... :(

    Help! my custumer are Hungry and i don't know where the problem

    if i delete db for reinstall isp after i resolve?

    thank you very much

  2. milk1984

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    i think i resolve

    ok i think that the problem are that intefaces file are overwritten by ispconfig than if i recharge original conf i think that all should work..

    now i tried

    Thank yuo so much


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