ISPConfig 3 Password,Autoreply Changer for Roundcube 0.2.2

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  1. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    *) Using addslahes on Autoreply text
    *) Added Localization for French (Thanks to Thibs)

    You will find all information for installation in the INSTALL.txt (Tested with Debian 4)

    FTP & SSH access

    Standard Legal Notice: I make absolutely, positively NO guarantee that this patch will work with your server. I am not responsible for any damages that may result from the installation, or utilization of this patch to your Roundcube installation or your server. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    --------------------------Additional Information ---------------------------
    This is the first part of my collection to integrate Roundcube more in the ISPConfig 3 enviroment.

    (*) Autoreply - Done
    (*) Forwarding - In Progress
    (*) Filter Control - Not Started
    (*) Edit Localization - In Progress
    (*) Change to use the ISPConfig 3 Remote Framework when it is finished

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  2. obeaudet

    obeaudet New Member


    I added the instruction addshashes($text) to permit special characters for the autoreply in the file


    $this->db->query("UPDATE mail_user SET autoresponder = '".$active."', autoresponder_text = '". addslashes($text) ."' WHERE email = '".$user."'");
  3. atjensen11

    atjensen11 New Member

    Can you describe your setup in more depth?

    I followed the perfect server setup for Debian Lenny and ISPConfig3 here on HowtoForge. In that tutorial, Squirrelmail is installed.

    I have offered both Squirrelmail and Roundcube options to my users on my previous system that I configued manually (i.e. does not use ISPConfig). Feedback from users are mixed. Many prefer to use Roundcube, but the biggest drawback has been the ability to change their own passwords and autoresponders. Those features are offered in the Squirrelmail configuation I use.

    I see these plugins as my ability to address some of the negative feedback I have received about Roundcube lack of features.

    Did you just create a site to house Roundcube within ISPConfig and then upload the files there? Then you upload and overwrite the files as described in the text file within that directory?
  4. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    I just put the content into /usr/share/webmail and then there should be an automatic ln from /var/www/webmail or so and then i just created a ln in the websites directory to access it under put you can set it up as you wish. The only thing with this setup is that it works (i think) only with fast cgi.
  5. Thibs

    Thibs New Member

    Localization fr_FR


    I'm a new french user of ISPCONFIG 3 with Roundcube 0.2.2 and this excellent mod !!!
    So I have translate in french labels and messages and I post this files.

    Thanks for your great job and have a nice day.


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  6. ccerrillo

    ccerrillo New Member

    This is a fake extension


    This extension/addon is hacking your webmails, the html has hidden iframes loading a webpage.

    You can see it for example in skins/default/templates/passwd.html on line 26, it has a hidden iframe pointing to

    Don't download this!!!! :mad:
  7. Thibs

    Thibs New Member

    I do not have this in my passwd.html, and it is not in the install package.
    Perhaps it may be your roundcube install that has been hacked !!!

  8. ccerrillo

    ccerrillo New Member

    Download now the zip and recheck what you say. Maybe you must re-download and check it before post!
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  9. Thibs

    Thibs New Member

    All right you're right !!! , I re-download the package and it was infected.
    But the package i've downladed a few days ago was not infected.

    I attach the proper package, without infection.

    Thanks to you.


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  10. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    I don't know how it came in the html files, but I looked now threw all files and everything should be removed. I uploaded the iframe free version. Find it in the first post.

    Sorry for the trouble!
  11. ccerrillo

    ccerrillo New Member

    Hi Thibs and Horfic,

    Thanks for your attention!

    Horfic, I think you should check why this iframe was in the code, maybe your PC was infected or maybe a hacker steal your password.

    Good job for the addon!! :D
  12. ccerrillo

    ccerrillo New Member

    Localization es_ES

    Hi Horfic,

    I made the spanish translation for your addon, and is attached below

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  13. ccerrillo

    ccerrillo New Member

    New features add request

    Hi again Horfic,

    I made some modifications on your addon (only the part of change password) just for my needs, new features are:

    • utf8 compatible passwords
    • restrictions on the password (max lenght, min lenght, min digits on in min lowercase letters on it and min uppercase letters)
    • requests ajaxized
    • alert messages like roundcube messages

    If you want you can update your code with mine, the changes are in app.js,, and (en_US), all this is in changes.tar.gz and the changes for the spanish is in changes_lang_es_ES.tar.gz

    In changes.tar.gz i added the complete changes and a patch ready files(*.diff), you can use or the diff patches or the complete source files.

    The config of the restrictions password is made in, changing the top "define"

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  14. Horfic

    Horfic Member

  15. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    As the new Roundcube 3 will soon release and a new version of ISPConfig is also comming soon. I would like to extend my addon finally to a fully integration of Roundcube in ISPConfig. More presicly, i would like to code everything for Roundcube so that a mail user can change his own settings. So I want to create with that the missing mail user interface.

    I would like to know what you would like to have in such mail user interface!
  16. moglia

    moglia New Member

    Hello brazilian portuguese translation attached.

    I will be test roundcube tomorrow, but translation work was done. :)

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  17. klonos

    klonos New Member

    Already using ISPConfig 3 and latest nightlies of RC 0.3...

    It's been a while now since I've installed a ispc3 + rc 0.3 and have it up 'n' running. Been looking for a way to get the 'password' plugin to work with ispc3 without any luck so far.

    Also, there is this 'Manage Users' plugin that lets a certain user (or some users) add/delete/edit mail accounts. Sort of a simplified Mail-Admin interface for RoundCube with an ISPConfig backend. Haven't got this to work either.

    As already asked in this thread, I am looking for any sql queries that'll do the job or any other means anyhow. So, I am looking forward for a rc 0.3 version of your plugin.

    Let me know if I can help with testing or in any other way.
  18. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    A Roundcube 0.3 version of my plugin is definetly planned, but the final of rc 0.3 isn't out yet and as long as this isn't done, I won't start to create this version. As well my driving course is a 9h per day course, so there isn't much time at the moment.

    Planned for the upcoming version is:
    *) Password changer
    *) Autoreply
    *) Mail filter
    *) Forwarding
    And you will be able to switch this features on or off, for your personal usage.

    When you talk about the MANAGE USER thing you are probably referring to this thread:
    As you read the post replies of it, you will see that this plugin won't work with ISPConfig 3, because it uses POSTFIXADMIN. Anyway you can use the frontend of this script and write your own backend to work with ISPConfig 3. If you are not able to do this, I can rewrite it so that it will work with ISPConfig 3, but you will have to wait at least 2 weeks from now because as I mentioned above i ham participating at a driving course at the moment.

    PS: You will be the first notified for a test run!
    PPS: You can always contact me per skype
  19. moglia

    moglia New Member


    My migrated sucefullly from POSTFIXADMIN to ISPCONFIG3

    i make some php console scripts to do that.

    Scripts not perfect and not highly tested, scripts make text output querys to populate ispconfig database.

    I migrated some over 300 mailing account all working.

    If anybody need the scripts i can send it. and explain all migration process.
    i will be put it on svn as help_script to migrate POSTFIXADMIN to ISPCONFIG3.
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  20. atjensen11

    atjensen11 New Member

    I am really interested in seeing a version compatible with 0.3. I have a beta site site up with ISPConfig3 and would be willing to test.

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