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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by matthisk, Aug 8, 2012.

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    I am trying to configure my server for remote mysql access to a database. However I am not able to open up the port: 3306. I tried configuring the firewall settings in the web admin panel of ispconfig 3, with no luck. I checked on the iptables (which do not seem to have a process running when I search for it trough ''ps''), iptables -L gives me this:

    PAROLE tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:mysql

    Then I found out ispconfig uses the bastille firewall (which uses iptables i guess?). The bastille netfilter status sais this about port 3306:

    6 304 PAROLE tcp -- * * tcp dpt:3306

    Restarting the bastille-firewall did not have any effect either. I can not seem to figure out where the problem lies, any ideas?

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    The firewall port is already open when you see this line. Check the mysql my.cnf file and ensure that mysql listens on all interfaces and not just localhost.
  3. matthisk

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    I was totally confinced it was a firewall issue, but you were right. Changing the listening address from localhost to fixed my issue. Thanx!

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