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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mooseman, Oct 31, 2009.

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    I attempted to create a "master" dns server in ISPconfig 3 using mydns and have it replicate to my ispconfig 2 bind dns. Both servers are being NATed behind respective firewalls.

    I updated the mydns.conf with the following options:

    allow-axfr = yes
    allow-update = yes
    notify-enabled = yes
    notify-source = (public NATed IP of mydns master)

    I created the zone on the master ispconfig 3 server (mydns) and created a slave zone on the ispconfig 2 (bind 9) server pointing to the master.

    The initial axfr goes through but any updates to the zone are not transferred with the following error in the log:

    I receive the following in the syslog of the ispconfig 2 bind server:

    Oct 31 10:03:30 (server) named[(PID)]: client (public.IP.of.mydns)#47075: received notify for zone '(domain).com'
    Oct 31 10:03:30 (server) named[(PID)]: zone .com/IN: Transfer started.
    Oct 31 10:03:30 (server) named[(PID)]: transfer of '(domain).com/IN' from (public.IP.of.mydns)#53: connected using (private.IP.of.mydns)#35684
    Oct 31 10:03:30 (server) named[(PID)]: transfer of '(domain).com/IN' from (public.IP.of.mydns)#53: failed while receiving responses: end of file
    Oct 31 10:03:30 (server) named[(PID)]: transfer of '(domain).com/IN' from (public.IP.of.mydns)#53: end of transfer

    Is the "failed while receiving responses: end of file" occurring because of the private ip being sent?? is "notify-source = " config option of mydns supposed to fix that?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    That Worked!...

    I also should be leaving out the "notify-source = xxx" statement in the mydns.conf

    Great, Thanks!


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