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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by George232, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. George232

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    I have a server with let's say the name

    I have created a DNS record after adding the site in ISPConfig 3 that looks like this:

    A ns1
    A www
    A mail
    A ns2
    ns ns1
    ns ns2

    my hosts looks like this: example example example example

    everything works ok except the e-mail. I cannot recieve e-mails but i can send them ok.

    When i use it tells me that there is no MX and/or A record for defined. Do you guys know why? Did i miss something in the configuration of the DNS in ISPConfig?

    One more thing if I put the MX record like this: MX <nothinghere> it shows me that now there is an MX record but it looks like this

  2. falko

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    You missed the dots:

    A ns1
    A www
    A mail
    A ns2
    ns ns1[B][COLOR="Red"].[/COLOR][/B]
    ns ns2[B][COLOR="Red"].[/COLOR][/B]

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