ISPConfig 3 Multiserver Tutorial

Discussion in 'General' started by -crisstm-, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Hi to all,
    great works ISPConfig, bravo !!!

    i wondering if exist tutorial how to setup 2 or more physically servers, with different IP to serve multiple domains with dns web mail ftp mysql replica.

    For example:
    Server A with IP
    Server B with IP
    works togheter to serve dns web mail ftp and mysql database for domains with sincronizing all emails mysql web and ftp (with unison i guess)

    i want if the server A goes down, all my services still up and runing for my clients on the server B
    and when the server A is power on, sincronize all the new data from server B (mail, mysql, ftp)
    and i ask if exist solution to have just one control panel for all servers.
    thank's a lot
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    I would recommend to take also a look at glusterfs for replicating files instead of rsync. See falkos tutorials on glusterfs here at howtoforge for details.

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