ISPConfig 3 multiserver not in sync

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    I have build up a multiserver cluster with ISPConfig 3, at the begining everything was ok, I have configured some users, domains etc. on the master server, when I opened the ISPConfig interface on the second one all my users & domains were there but one day later I have added more users & domains and they show only on the masterserver, it seems like the ISPConfig DB's are not synchronized anymore. I have checked both DB's "dbispconfig1" & "dbispconfig2" and they are different now. When I add users & domains they will only be created in "dbispconfig1"...
    I will be glad if sombody can put me in the right direction ;)

    ps: I did not forget to set the second server as mirror in ISPC3

    thanks in advance!
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  2. mccyberix

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    ok, after some research I realized that my mysql master/master replication is not working anymore, the db's are out of sync... is there a way securely to bring them back in sync?


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