ISPConfig 3 How to change Subject and From, to Welcome Email.

Discussion in 'General' started by AsDsL, May 19, 2009.

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    Thanks Till
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    I actully came across the FAQForge article before ending up in this forum.

    My question is whether it is possible to edit the welcome message file to send an HTML formatted email.

    I have edited the custom welcome message and included HTML formatting. However, when a new email mailbox is created, the custom welcome message is sent, but all the HTML code is visible in the message and is not rendered as HTML.

  4. till

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    The welcome messages are text only, html is not supported.
  5. abdi

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    Am missing out something?, I couldnt find those variables in the en.lng when I tried editing it via the web, I also did export it but still I couldnt find the fields where I could change the subject, message and sender's name from ISPConfig ..Please advice if the location has changed ..

    Thanks, Joseph

    Edited: Seen it via the FAQs, thanks
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    In order to contribute, maybe seem an obvious question but in a multiserver scenario i must do these changes in the mail server to it takes the changes.

    And about this, it seems to me, the "lang set" it's not sended to the mail server when a new mail account is created, so welcome_email_en.txt is always used, is it possible o am i wrong ?


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