ISPConfig 3 - First Time [Help me Please]

Discussion in 'General' started by syncom, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. syncom

    syncom New Member

    I read the guide at and so I made my server
    I haven't experience with admin panels as ispconfig.
    I have a server behind a router and I have a dyndns account as I set this account on my router. Now I want create my first site through ISPConfig with email account, ftp, ecc. What I have to do?
    I'm desperate, I also bought the manual but I can't adapt the guide to my situation.
    I need an help to start.
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.
  2. syncom

    syncom New Member

    nobody helps me?
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Where exactly do you have problems?
  4. syncom

    syncom New Member

    Well, I don't understand if I must create first a "client" for my personal site and I don't know if I must manipulate the "dns zone". Can I create a site with the same domain that I choose for my server? My dyndns account is "" and I set this account on my router.
    My /etc/hosts file is [ip of server] [] [servername].
    If I write in my browser I see the message "it works!" and I reach my Web server.

    Now I want create a complete site (my personal first site) using the domain name "". I want add 2 extra users with mail, ftp acces, ecc ecc. and I want reach my site with "" and not "".

    Can you help me? I need to know the first steps.
    Thanks in advance.

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