ISPconfig 3 DNS-from ground up please help

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    I would like to have ISPconfig3 DNS configuration explained please.

    I have domains.
    and (this domain is used as primary domain to support all "back end"this is the domain that I used in mine ispconfig3 set up)hosted on computerwith hostname "server1"

    After ispcofig3 was installed i added my self as client and entered the above mentioned domains in to the Website Configurations Of ispconfig3.
    And mail domains was added in ISPconfig3 for both domains.
    Dummy mail boxes with catch all forwarded to third party email.

    At the registrar that provided me with my domains in the registrar dns records i have both domains pointing to mine static WAN IP and directories / and /
    so right now i can use virtual name hosts on one WAN IP.It works fine and 'm getting directed properly to pages for the pages of and
    also ssh,ftp works fine to this domains individually.
    Also automatic subdomain www was chosen in ISPconfig3 for this sites.

    To get mine email working i created records using my registrar DNS.
    Cpanel DNS of mi registrar have entryes:
    A record: > to mine static WAN IP
    and then MX records (twice)
    and my registrar mail server is there too

    I use term "WAN IP" to make clear that wide area network IP is used opose to local area network IP.To provide clear explanation to novice.(like me)

    How can i implement the DNS record on the ISPconfig 3?
    How can i use the DNS configuration option on ISPconfig 3 so my registrar DNS record is used to point only domains that I own and the rest is ISPconfig DNS respocibility?(all subdomains and mx records A records.....)

    ISPconfig3 DNS:
    SOA,NS,EMAIL>what do i put there?
    SOA and for the other domain it would be
    I get it this far.
    NS: do i use mine server host name (FQN) in records for each .net and .com domain?
    or do i use the ns1 prefix instead of server1 host name ?
    Email:what is this entry suppose to describe?Actual email address,or mail server or what?

    After this what is mine next configuration for dns to get proper A records and MX records......?

    And last but not least how to get set up and configured?

    Thank you so much for reply.

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