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    Hi guys im very new to ispconfig 3 after many fialed attempts using various linux distro, im using debian lenny 5(64 bit), i have a few questions if possible, i appologise for the size of the post.

    After a fresh install do i have to create in this order

    i will be using 2 domain names(examples)

    I want to have the following email addresses on both websites

    [email protected], [email protected] [email protected]

    [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

    The main site domain name will be, i will be using this dommain for the nameserver and, and will want to create a website.

    The second Domain name wil be for another person.

    So With this in mind do i do the following in order after a fresh install.


    log in as admin,
    create my nameservers ie -
    add my domain name
    check all dns records add ones if needed
    create email user
    Create email boxes ie [email protected] , [email protected] ect
    create ftp user
    create database

    next step to test the above

    go to check if the domain name is showing up corectly fix any errors(sugest other alternatives if possible)
    Try to loggon to isp3 controle panel via if it fails trouble shoot it.
    try to loggon to squirril mail - if it fails trouble shoot it
    Try to send an email - if fails trouble shoot it
    ftp into your site - if it failes troubel shoot it.
    Log into phpmyadmin -if it fails trouble shoot it

    Next step add a reseller

    do the above again but this time not adding nameservers and use as hsi domain name.

    Privlages i have noticed when creatign new users ect all privlages are set to -1 does this mean unlimeted ect fo do you have to fill in values ect,a nd can these values be edited on the fly and who has the permision to do the upgrade/downgrade ect.

    For Ftp/mail/stats/database

    What should be the correct controle panel accses addresses

    for example for

    What would be the loggin details for the above, i have noticed when you create users it is for example cs1datavampire ect.

    How do you setup the privalges to give users ability to edit add databases via phpmyadmin, at the min mine says no permisions to edit/add doman names ect.

    Once more i applogise for the long post, but im confident it will others as well as myself.

    Thank you
  2. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    No one has any ideas ?
  3. till

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    You create the sites as and enable auto ubdomain www, you do not create them as

    Login Details:

    you use the login name that is shown for the database / ftp / shell user that you created and the password that you entered. For email, the username is the email address.

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