ISPConfig 3 Danymic DNS (DDNS) Module

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    I have created a ddns module for ISPConfig 3 and published it on github:

    Unlike the other threads with scripts using the remote api, this one will:
    - Integrate into the existing DNS menu of ISPConfig 3
    - Not require a remote-api user
    - Allow clients, resellers and admins to create update tokens
    - Perform updates using a simple URL and the generated token, compatible with many existing consumer solutions without manual cron scripts
    - Allow restricting a token to individual zones / records / record types
    - Allow updating A (IPv4) or AAAA (IPv6)

    In Addition, the token endpoint implements the same authentication rate-limiting as the normal login process.

    Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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  2. mhofer

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    Here are some Screenshots
    New/Edit token:
    Update URLs:
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    Looks really nice! I moved the post to the ISPconfig addons forum, so it can be found easier. And I'll add a link on the ISPConfig website.
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    Nice module. Thank you.
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