Ispconfig 3 custom wordpress plugin.

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  1. zustudios

    zustudios Member

    Hi, I have a new wordpress ispconfig 3 plugin that integrates with the billing module for sale.
    You can setup to 4 client hosting packages and 4 reseller packages.
    It generates a page where customers can select a package. It adds the user to your ispconfig 3 panel and generates an invoice.
    You can set up pricing and limits for each package.
    Interested...Great. The plugin sales for $50
    Contact me for information

    Interested in hosting and web design visit us at:
  2. Ilko

    Ilko New Member

    I just came across your post. Does it work with the latest ISPconfig3 version and does it support multiserver, or at least multiple servers ? Can you also share a demo where we can test it, or see how it looks and works?
  3. zustudios

    zustudios Member

    When I had the plugin made I tested it on the perfect server install. I have not made the demo because I don't know how to set up a demo. The only demo I can think of is to have it live on my site. If you can lead me on making a demo that will be fine. It was tested with ispconfig and billing. I wish I was able to test it on my live server and collected Ideas from the ispconfig community. In order for me to update it I would have to pay again. It was expensive. As for as I can tell it works perfectly with all functions of the billing module. It was tested on my server but I don't have anyone to test with me. I can speak with you on skype if you like. When we talk I can walk you through how to use it and I also have a pdf for the plugin. I can give you temporary access to my wordpress and my ispconfig panel to test. I can change my passwords and test accounts. Just send me an email to my old website You can retest with me and see if you like it. Everything tested fine with the developer. the developer is
    The plugin is based off of . If you have any questions or interested please contact me .
  4. zustudios

    zustudios Member

    Please give me more time to test the plugin. It works with ispconfig 3.0.5.

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