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    Just a short reminder on code formatting. Its a lot of work to reformat files that have a differnt formatting then the style used in ispconfig 3. Please take care especially on these topics:

    - Use tabs and not spaces for indenting lines.
    - Format functions like this:

    function myfunction () {


    and not:

    function myfunction ()


    The same for if and other statements which use {}.

    It is nescessary for a project to have a consistent code style, so please adapt the style of your code to the style used in the project. Do not reformat the existing code style accidently e.g by replacing tabs with spaces, this breaks the merging capabilitys of SVN. This might happen unknowingly e.g. if your editor is configured to replace tabs with spaces.

    I had a lot of work the last days to get my branch with the new multiserver replication code back into the main branch, so I just wanted to post this as reminder to make the work for all developers easier.

    Thanks for your great work!
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