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Discussion in 'General' started by till, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Hi Till,
    i think there is a rather large misunderstanding between us because of our respective language and culture differences. i will try to put it in a more easily understood way...

    I like ISPConfig - I think you have built a really nice platform and i have got it running and am really enjoying it.

    What i am aiming to do next...I am looking for an alternative to whmcs (which i currently use via an API provided by my Australian wholesaler Synergy on one of their webhosting servers).

    I do not wish to stay as a webhosting reseller, my main income right now is from building websites, not hosting. I want to change that...I am wanting to move all of this onto my own google cloud instance. This is why i have been experimenting with ISPconfig. I previously had a couple of setups running through 1. cpanel+whmcs, and 2. Virtualmin+whmcs.

    Both are working however, as i said, cpanel+whmcs is through a wholesaler i resell for (Synergy) and the second one Virtualmin+whmcs uses to much system resources. Dont get me wrong, virtualmin is an awesome program however it has an awful lot of capability that i dont want right now. i need a lightweight alternative to virtualmin, that will allow me to use a small GCE instance that is affordable and can grow with my business...i believe ispconfig is that lightweight reliable alternative yes? (it appears to be when i compare my GCE resource monitor)

    What i aim to achieve...

    1. An administrative control panel for control services on my GCE instance. ISPConfig...done! (I am very happy with ISPConfig, particularly your very hands on approach to support, which is a real winner for me!)
    2. software for controlling provisioning of services on my ISPConfig GCE instance. Choices are whmcs, boxbilling, ispconfigbillmanager (i have an existing whmcs subscription)
    3. A web based interface for users to be able to purchase those services (a shopping cart...only option i see here, unless i create an integration for my website front end, appears to be whmcs?)

    4. Products and services i intend to offer on the ISPConfig GCE instance
    • downloadable products (websites)
    • shared hosting
    • email (for the future no straight away)
    • storage (a future goal)
    • vps (no right now, but perhaps in the future)
    What i would really like is an all in one solution...ispconfig CP, ispconfig billing, ispconfig online store to provide the website frontend for selling products and services.

    My preference with the online store is to use it on my own website. However, i dont know how to use REST, this is why im stuck using whmcs at present. If ISPConfig had a whmcs alternative that would be awesome. What i like about BoxBilling is that they have special packages for startups to make it affordable (up to 50 clients free). Unfortunately, i dont think BoxBilling has an online store as part of the program like whmcs.
    I dont like the whmcs smarty templating system, and i cant stand the standard whmcs page layouts...particularly the one for domain lookup and registrations...that double menu on the domains page of their themes is bastard of an idea and im still trying to figure out how to get rid of it completely (i have only had partial success with this part)

    Anyway, unless there is a largely "off the shelf" alternative, i will stick with whmcs for now.

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    Some are missing the point, ISPCONFIG in general is free, heck of a panel and I've used lots. The billing module, or the migration software/script, manual, or forum support are just ways to contribute to the future development of the panel itself. I have not used the billing module but mostly to play with but have used the migration software. I look forward to renewing and helping out any way I can... compared to the big players out there, this is a gem that costs very little and we should all hope it stays that way.
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    No ar
    No argument from me there, now i am just wanting an alternative to whmcs!
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    See Post #178, I gave you one some time ago!
  5. sbovisjb1

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    Hrm, your demo site doesn't seem to resolve. I was curious in taking a look at it. I work for a WISP, and was interested in allowing people to self-host mail servers on our network, and then to bill them accordingly (likely tied in with commercial services offered by us).
  6. till

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    There was a issue with the demo server. Thank you for the notice. The demo is up and running again.
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    Thanh you.
  8. Tyrant

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    Nice i will try it out soon. Is there any tutorial for that?

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