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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dram, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. dram

    dram New Member


    I have long time using a apache2, but when i have more and more guests , i have got "long time reading www", like 15-16 seconds - make me crazy ...

    So i decided to change my apache2 to nginx.

    My www files have around 30 gb (much i know, but many of these files is file which is not download when page is loading)

    So my forum have ~3-4 mb + ~30gb files like stream etc.

    When i remove apache2, and install nginx by

    apt-get remove apache2
    apt-get install nginx
    - ISPCONFIG automatically configure my nginx?
    - I lose my www files ?
    - What will happen with .htaccess?
    And, is possible to turn off apache2 (not remove) and install nginx?

    Best regards.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer


    No. But your sites will not accessible anymore.

    They wont work anymore. You will have to write new redirect rules for nginx as the syntax is different.

    Possible yes, but it will mess up your setup. If you want to switch to nginx, the best way is a complete server reinstall. I recommend that you try out nginx first e.g. install it in a virtual machine on your desktop to see if it works for you and to test the new rewrite rules before going live.
  3. Quijote Shin

    Quijote Shin New Member

    I strongly suggest you do NOT do that. You will mess you httpd setup, nginx and apache aren't brothers even not in law

    i think if you have an advanced .htaccess i suggest you convert it to nginx rewrite rules...

    read a perfect server setup with nginx
    try clone your server..
    disable apache
    install nginx

    use the ispconfig update script ( ? read the perfect server setup xD )
  4. dram

    dram New Member

    Ip.board using hta


    disable apache
    install nginx

    And ispconfig automatically detect to use nginx not apache2?
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Please read post #2 in this thread.
  6. Quijote Shin

    Quijote Shin New Member

    No and no , ispconfig can't automatically detect any stuff
    That is why you have to setup the server before install ispconfig.

    Read the perfect server with nginx
    Be aware to loose user access to each website folder

    Search howtoforge for a how to setup ispconfif with nginx
    you will notice any dependencies order procedure, etc
    Search howtoforge for a update ispconfig via terminal

    But as till already says and you have to know it as law
    Ispconfig don't automatically configure any stuff
    apache and nginx are rivals
    I can't imagine how to figure you server website access

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