ISPConfig 3 And SquirrelMail Under SSL

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mroppolo, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. mroppolo

    mroppolo New Member

    Hello !

    I recreated my Debian Lenny server, now that Etch is pretty much tapped out, using the "The Perfect Server - Debian Lenny" instructions:

    I also got ISPConfig running under SSL with the "Enable SSL for the ISPConfig 3 Control Panel Login" instructions:

    I would REALLY like to obtain instructions for getting SquirrelMail to run under SSL as well. This is the last major configuration step for me. :D

    Can someone direct me ?

    Thanks !

  2. mroppolo

    mroppolo New Member

    Doesn't anyone out there want SSL protected email ? :p

    Here's what Till wrote to me back in January, but I didn't get the chance follow up:
    1) Create a new website in ISPConfig for SquirrelMail , e.g. with the domain, make sure that you select an IP address and not * in the site settings.
    2) Enable the SSL checkbox for this website
    3) Create a SSL cert on the ssl tab of the website form.
    4) Install SquirrelMail into this website.

    The first 3 steps are easy. The problem I encountered is SquirrelMail has already been installed as part of the "Perfect Server" instructions, so step 4 is a bit problematic. If I move the SquirrelMail files to the directory created by ISPConfig, how will "apt-get update" find the files ?

    Thanks in advance,

  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I'd install SquirrelMail manually in that web site, i.e., you download it from and then follow the installation instructions.
  4. mroppolo

    mroppolo New Member

    Thanks !

    That sounds logical. I'll give it a try this weekend and report back if I encounter any problems.


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