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Discussion in 'General' started by Barbaros.Oezdemir, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Barbaros.Oezdemir

    Barbaros.Oezdemir New Member

    I want to add some subdomains. To do this, i went on ISPConfig 3 menu => "Sites" => "Subdomain". Then i entered following:

    Host: test
    Redirect type: No redirect
    Redirect Path:
    Active: "ok"

    When i try to access i get the error "Address could not be found". I can access and witout any problem.

    I have also tried following:

    I deleted the subdomain. I entered a domain The result didn't change.

    How can i add subdomains?

    I appreciate any feedback. Thanks a lot.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The subdomain has to exist in dns too. So make sure that you created also a dns a record for the subdomain.
  3. Barbaros.Oezdemir

    Barbaros.Oezdemir New Member

    As far as i could read on previous messages with similar subject, i have noticed, that what you mean with creating "DNS record" is about entering new DNS Zone's? Assuming that i understood it right, i did following:

    I have created 2 DNS Zone's, one for and one for .
    As a result, now both domains show the same index.html. It is the one which belongs to .

    How can i create DNS records? Can you explain it please.

    Thanks a lot for your responses.

    I have two domains. 1 static IP, 1 server behind a router/firewall. All i want is to have separate index.html for my domains and to create Subdomains of .
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  4. dzudzu

    dzudzu New Member

    Depending where you modify your dns zones u need to modify and * to point to same ip and in ispconfig u need to create 2 different sites for those 2 different domains

    As for dns zones, there are 2 cases: 1 is you modify them in the control panel of the supplier where you purchased domains or 2 u use mydns that came with ispconfig

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