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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tastiger, May 25, 2021.

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    OK, I have my new server up and running sweet, thanks to help from these forums, but I just noticed that although my sites are secure with letsencrypt, the ISPConfig 3.2.4 admin panel on port 8080 is not.

    Did I miss something in the original setup of ISPConfig 3 that should have been selected, because this time around I used the Perfect Server Automated ISPConfig 3 Installation ?
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    Did you set up the hostname and had a DNS record for the hostname pointing to your IP?

    Try getting a cert with
    Code: --force
    and answer yes when asked if you want a new SSL cert. If it doesn't work, share the output of the update script with us.
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    All good then - thanks once again

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