ISPConfig 3.2.7 - FTP Account not logging in

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by FutureX, Feb 4, 2022.

  1. FutureX

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    Just installed 3.2.7 at GoDaddy on VPS. So far so good. The only thing I'm having trouble with is FTPing in to each site. I can login with FTP using my admin username with the IP address but can't even list the directory to the /www/ folder. This is a username created outside ISPConfig from the initial setup with GoDaddy. I then created an FTP user within ISPConfig but can't login at all. It tells me 'exhausted available authentication methods' I tried the IP address as well as the domain name. The domain is resolving to the new VPS as I get the ISPConfig welcome screen on that site.

  2. till

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    Then you probably mix up FTP and SSH, as 'normal' Linux users can't login to FTP on an ISPConfig server, so if your normal user can login, then you don't connect to the FTP system. Check the settings of your FTP client to ensure that you use either FTP or FTPS but not SFTP as SFTP is SSH file transfer and not an FTP mode. And take care to use the full FTP username incl. prefix, so the user is something like c1myuser and not just myuser.
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    Great, thank you for the help! Yes I was using SFTP. I switched it over and got further but now I'm getting a 'timed out, failed to retrieve directory listing' error. Here is the text from FileZilla:

    Status: Connecting to
    Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
    Status: Initializing TLS...
    Status: TLS connection established.
    Status: Logged in
    Status: Retrieving directory listing...
    Command: PWD
    Response: 257 "/" is your current location
    Command: TYPE I
    Response: 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
    Command: PASV
    Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,169,176,222,240,175)
    Command: MLSD
    Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
    Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

  4. till

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  5. FutureX

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    Thank you, that did it!

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