ispconfig 3.1 subdomain not create

Discussion in 'General' started by mart28, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. mart28

    mart28 Member

    I get not create subdirectories that updates to debian 8 e ispconfig 3.1
    Do I need to put a route?


    Now ipsconfig not create the folder subdirectory prueba7



    Before creating folders ispconfig if, as in the photo above

    Thank you
  2. mart28

    mart28 Member

    Is the cause may be? a permissions problem ?.
    user or group?
    Is the problem may be? I use the root account to upload the web?
    Who has to be the user owner, group? web folder and subfolders

    thank you
  3. mart28

    mart28 Member

    If I create a subdirectory within my domain. Ispconfig not create a folder with the subdomain name where upload files.
    subdomain Prueba2.

    Before, it debian7 automatically created a folder with the name prueba7,

    Now, with debian8, and ispconfig3.1.1 I create the subdomain prueba7
    and no subfolders are created, with the name of prueba2

    I created the folder manually, but does not work, I created a info.php.
    I createdthe folder prueba2 on this route
    / Var / www / clients / client3 / web8 / prueba2
    it's correct?


    I try to get so

    Thank you
    a greeting
  4. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member

    Under System > Main Config there is a setting 'Create subdomains as web site' - I have not tried it, but it sounds like maybe what you are wanting?
  5. mart28

    mart28 Member

    Thank you very much for your help

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