ISPConfig 3.1 on Debian 9 - DKIM issue

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    I've setup a whole new VPS according this howto. I use an external DNS. Everything works really nice, but there is an issue with my DNS TXT record at the DNS provider. The output of amavisd-new testkeys domain.tld gives the output: invalid (public key: not available). When I send an e-mail to a GMail account for example, I see the error code dkim=temperror (no key for signature) in the source of the e-mail. The format of the suggested DKIM DNS record, generated in ISPConfig for domain.tld does not seem to be ok as an DNS TXT record at my external DNS-provider. I tried the record with and without " ", but nothing seems to work. I still got invalid (public key: not available). What might be the solution for this?

    ISPConfig3.1 with DKIM works out of the box. I had to change the host in DKIM TXT record at my external DNS provider from default._domainkey.domaint.tld into default._domainkey.
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    Questions About DKIM Setup

    I have setup a new VPS installation according to
    Everything is working fine.
    I am using Name servers of my VPS services data centre
    I have also setup DNS in Ispconfig control panel & steps followed are as under;
    1. Add new DNS zone with Wizard & filled the relevant information
    Template: Default
    Client : (mydomain,C1)
    IP Address:
    NS1 :
    Email: [email protected]
    CheckBox :
    DKIM ============ I checked this Box
    Create DNS Record
    It created successfully with following;
    On clicking created Zone following values are being shown;
    Client: (mydomain,C1)
    NS :
    Refresh: 7200
    Retry: 540
    Minimum: 3600
    Allow Zone transfers to these Ip === No Value ( Blank)
    Allow Notify: No Value ( Blank)
    Update ACL: No Value ( Blank)
    Active: Box is checked
    Sign zone (DNSSEC) Box is unchecked
    DNSSEC : Blank Box
    On Clicking Records, following values are being shown
    Active Type Name Data Priority TTL
    Yes A IP address 0 3600
    Yes A mail IP address 0 3600
    Yes A www IP address 0 3600
    Yes MX 0 3600
    Yes NS 0 3600
    Yes NS 0 3600
    Yes TXT v=spf1 mx a ^all 0 3600

    If I click on DNS DKIM (Green Button);
    Then I see following as BLANK
    Public Key : Box Blank & frozen
    DKIM-Selector: Blank & frozen
    TTL : 3600
    Active: Box Checked
    Then I went back to EMAIL > Domain & clicked on Tab DomainKeys Identified Mail(DKIM) & Shows following Values

    Enable DKIM – I checked this Box
    DKIM-Selector: default
    DKIM-Private Key: Blank Box
    Then I clicked on Generate DKIM-Private-Key
    On clicking this both the boxes DKIM-Private key & DNS-Record were filled with values
    Then I saved it!
    After waiting for couple of minutes, I could see
    If I click on DNS DKIM (Green Button);
    Public Key : Filled with Values
    DKIM-Selector: Fiiled with values
    My Question, is the right way to create DKIM Key
    Let me know if I missed anything on DKIM

    Thanks & regards,
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    Yes, that should be ok.

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