ISPConfig 3.05 RC1 & Billing Module (Debian Squeeze)

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  1. After installing a clean install of (in this order) Debian Squeeze, ISPConfig, billing module and then updated ISPConfig 3.05, I am getting this code below when I select the billing module:

    and this on the Home tab:

    Is the billing module not compatible with the 3.0.5 (RC1) version of ISPConfig yet?

    Screen shots are attached.

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    Seems as if the billing module was not installed correcly under befaor you updated beacuse one of the tables is missing. You can try to fix this by deleting all tables starting with "invoice" in their table name in the ispconfig mysql database, then load the file sql/ispconfig3_billing.sql from the ispconfig billing module zip file with phpmyadmin into the dbispconfig mysql database.

    The billing module 1.2 is for ISPConfg 3.0.4 but should work on 3.0.5 with some minor issues, a billing module for 3.0.5 will be released togehter with ISPConfig 3.0.5 final.

    If you need a prerelease of the billing module for 3.0.5 RC1, please contact us by email to the address you received the billing module from.
  3. It Worked Perfect!

    It worked perfect after the sql/ispconfig3_billing.sql file import to phpmyadmin.


    P.S. - ISPConfig 3 is my favorite hosting control panel. Everyday I find out more and more how powerful of a control panel it is. Thanks for all you guys do!

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