Ispconfig upgrade : Quota and SSL

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    [solved] Ispconfig upgrade : Quota and SSL


    I upgraded ISPConfig from to today with the shell upgrade script, all run correctly and upgrade was successfull.

    Since the upgrade, all sites where defined previously with traffic quota to 0 (no restriction) under Now with the new version of ISPConfig, the control panel complain that traffic quota is set to 0 and I could not change settings of site before changing the traffic quota value (I enter -1 as for disk quota).

    Is it normal that traffic quota can't be set to 0 for unlimited traffic ?

    I have only one public ip as I use only one server until now, so all my vhosts use the same ip.

    Does anyone know a solution that will allow to use ssl connection for access to ISPConfig control panel, and vhosts ?

    UPDATE :

    My problem is solved for quota management. Moreover, for roundcube 0.3.1 if you encounter problem for login user with imap server add the following apache directive "php_admin_value mbstring.func_overload 0" to your site definition and it should be allright.
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    Since the upgrade

    Hello again,

    Since the upgrade to from, I've this error when I wanna create folder or add files to my site :

    FTP session log :
    Commande : PWD
    Réponse : 257 "/" is your current location
    Statut : Succès de la lecture du contenu du dossier
    Statut : Création du dossier '/web/incoming'...
    Commande : CWD /web
    Réponse : 250 OK. Current directory is /web
    Commande : MKD incoming
    Réponse : 550 Can't create directory: Disk quota exceeded
    Commande : MKD /web/incoming
    Réponse : 550 Can't create directory: Disk quota exceeded

    And this is my settings :




    Thank you for help.

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