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  1. joemateer

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    Hi, first post....(take it easy on me)

    Ive just setup the 'perfect server on Debian (Lenny). It all seems to be working ok as I can access the ISPconfig control panel.

    Ive redirected my domain hosted by 1&1 to point to the ip address supplied by ISP. Is this the correct thing to do?

    When I type in my domain address in the browser i do get my web page (hosted on my debian server). Now for the question, how do I access the control panel of ISPconfig from outside of the network, ie on the web?

  2. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    Make sure that your router is forwarding port 8080 to the servers LAN IP.
    Now when you are outside your lan, you should be able to access the server by your domain.tld:8080 and the ROUTERS WAN IP:8080

    Please make sure that you change the admin password of ISPconfig when doing so!
  3. joemateer

    joemateer New Member

    ok, I had already done as you have suggested with router and also DMZ setup my servers LAN IP address on the router configuration.

    I can now login to my ISpconfig V3.0.1 on http://mylan:8080 but not (i replaced in the guide to reflect my registered domain) This might sound stupid, should I have done this?

    My domain is registered to 1&1 and now points to my ISPs IP address, which is my servers 'outside' IP address.

    I can login to ISPconfig using http://myISPsIPaddress:8080 but i dont get the ISPconfig interface when i try it times out.

    Ive change my server details in ISPConfig, from the original etc to:

    ip_address= (to reflect my ISPs IP address)
    gateway= (ISPs gateway)
    nameservers=, (my ISPs nameservers)

    Cheers in advance for any help (i could have went on alittle longer there but il stop haha)

  4. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    It must be your router, as I can access your ISPconfig3 admin page by using the IP and/or domain:8080

    If you really need to access your ISPconfig3 adminpage by domain (within your LAN), than add the LAN IP and domain to the hosts file of the PC that you are using to access it.

    For the problem you will need to create an A record in the DNS with server1 pointing to the server's IP
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  5. joemateer

    joemateer New Member

    thanks for the quick response!

    just a quicky.. ive a dynamic IP address from my ISP, which im using for the server. Ive registered this with The site that i choose from them was points to my server. Is this necessary or can I configure DNS in ISPConfig3 to do something similar with

    (ps im still working on the last post haha just got abit confused!!)
  6. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    If you have a dynamic IP, you will need to use a service like

    Not sure how you have setup, but if you are pointing the DNS to your dynamic IP, it will stop working as soon as you get a new IP!

    ISPconfig's DNS will only work with static IP's.
  7. joemateer

    joemateer New Member

    Right ok.

    So, in this case i would need to point my server at, because this is the domain that is being used by to keep updating my dynamic IP address from my ISP.

    Does this mean i would have to run the server setup again as described in "The perfect server guide for debian 5.0" but use the domain instead of (i dont mind running the setup again)

    I can just re-direct from 1&1 to point to the domain, this should the problem.

    Or do I just change the server name in ISPConfig from to

    What do you think... if im going overboard just say? haha
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