ISPConfig 2 x PHPList limit numer of emails sent per hour

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by claudioimai, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. claudioimai

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    Hello, I was looking for this information in the threads, but didn't find anything so far:

    I have a Debian Lenny Perfect setup with ISPConfig 2, and 2 accounts with PHPList installed

    This PHPList is set in a cronjob to send at most 14000 emails per 2 hours - which is fine with my server - the list is made of users of a forum/blog related to the websites.

    Recently I've been receiving reports from PHPList that ONLY 11 emails are sent at each batch run, but I can't find what is limiting that.

    All the "normal" emails in this server are sent through Google Apps (SMTP), while the newsletters are sent via sendmail.

    Is it possible that some setting in sendmail / ISPConfig or Postfix can be limiting these emails?

    Thanks for anyone reading this question.
  2. till

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    No. Outgoing emails are neither filtered nor limited in any way in a ispconfig 2 setup trough ispconfig.

    You should check your mail log file for errors.

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