ISPConfig 2 SVN repository reorganised

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    The ISPConfug 2 SVN repository has been reorganised as discussed in this thread:

    New SVN Layout

    The current ISPConfig 2.2.x stable branch is still available under:


    This branch is for the maintenance of the curent 2.2.x stable releases. Please submit only bugfixes and no new features to this branch.

    The ISPconfig 2.3.x-dev versions, which were in trunk before, have been moved to branches/ISPConfig-2.3:


    Please do not add anything to this branch, nether bugfixes nor new features. This branch is only used as code repository for the upcoming ISPConfig 2.4


    There is a new trunk directory based on the code of the current 2.2.23 stable release. The features from the 2.3 branch will be ported to the trunk branch step by step. The trunk branch will become the next major stable release (ISPConfig 2.4.x).


    Please submit new features and bugfixes to this branch.
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