ISPConfig 2.3.4-dev Released

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    ISPConfig 2.3.4-dev is available for download.

    This ISPConfig release adds support for Fedora 8 and 9, Mandriva 2008.1, OpenSuSE 10.3, CentOS 4.6 and 5.1 Ubuntu 7.10. Many functions and packages were updated and enhanced.

    *** IMPORTANT!!! ***

    This is a development version which may be unstable. DO NOT USE IT ON PRODUCTION SYSTEMS!
    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Using the development versions and updating from a stable version to a development version may lead to errors. The purpose of the development versions is to implement and test new features that might later be implemented into the stable branch.

    ISPConfig development versions have odd version numbers, like 2.3.x, 2.5.x, 2.7.x and so on. Stable ISPConfig versions have even version numbers, like 2.2.x, 2.4.x, etc. The current stable ISPConfig version for use on production systems is 2.2.23.


    Detailed Changelog ISPConfig 2.3.3 => 2.3.4

    If you currently use a version from the ISPConfig stable branch, then all bugfixes listed below are already fixed in the stable versions, too, and some of the new features are already integrated in the stable branch. The list below reflects all changes in the development branch since version 2.3.3.

    - Added: Support for Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon).
    - Added: Support for OpenSuSE 10.3.
    - Added: Support for Fedora 8 and 9.
    - Added: Support for CentOS 4.6 and CentOS 5.1.
    - Added: Support for Mandriva 2008.1.
    - Added: Added basic webdav support:
    - Added: Added a global stats user for Webalizer and AWStats.

    - Updated: OpenSSL to 0.9.8g
    - Updated: PHP to 5.2.4
    - Updated: Clamav to 0.92.1
    - Updated: Spamassassin to 3.2.3
    - Updated: Apache to 1.3.41
    - Updated: Italian translation
    - Updated: Czech translation

    - Changed: Removed some checks in kunde_add in order to have the same chacks an in the GUI.
    - Changed: Better Regex check for co-domains.
    - Changed: Add a user ispconfigend with uid > 20000 to define the end of the ispconfig user range during setup.
    - Changed: Disabled the GCC version check in ClamAV configure string.
    - Changed: Added a second failsafe configure string in case that the first attempt to run configure for clamav fails.
    - Changed: Changed the "dienst_port" field in the isp_firewall table from varchar(10) to varchar(11).
    - Changed: Updated db.root.master and html-trap.rc.master.
    - Changed: Disabled userdir in ISPConfig's Apache.
    - Changed: Set ServerSignature to Off and ServerTokens to Prod in ISPConfig's httpd.conf.
    - Changed: New databases and database users will be created without underscores. (This doesn't affect existing databases.)
    - Changed: Opened port 143 (IMAP2) in the firewall by default.
    - Changed: Autoresponder doesn't respond to spam.
    - Changed: Added "Keep Copy" check box to the "Forwarder" dialogue in the mailuser interface.

    - Bugfix: Fixed the title bar of the Update Assistant tool.
    - Bugfix: adding a website with the remoting framework resulted in PHP error.
    - Bugfix: Patched the mailuser login to support usernames with @ inside
    - Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the procmail recipe class.
    - Bugfix: Now with correct ' around mysql data in localconf.php. Thanks to Christophe Bart.
    - Bugfix: Add a trailing newline to proftpd_ispconfig.conf file.
    - Bugfix: Bugfix: When you add a "Co-Domain" to a "Site" with a wildcard (*) as Hostname and configure a "Forward" rule for it, the Apache config is broken.
    - Bugfix: several minor bugfixes in the interface.
    - Bugfix: add trailing newline to bind zone files.
    - Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the email address check of the dns manager.
    - Bugfix: Merge of old and new file in order to remove BUG #185 due to commit 619
    - Bugfix: Re-added STATSALIAS which stoped working because of BUG #185
    - Bugfix: custom procmail recipes can now also be stored in /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/customized_templates.
    - Bugfix: If the creation of a zone fails due to an invalid admin email address, clear all records from that zone from the database.
    - Bugfix: Fixed SpamAssassin PATH problem on Mandriva.
    - Bugfix: Translated a German error message in the installer into English.
    - Bugfix: Non-CGI files (such as images, CSS files, etc.) can now be placed in the cgi-bin directory as well.
    - Bugfix: Increase the database (user-)name correctly.
    - Bugfix: Replaced ENGINE=MYISAM wit TYPE=MYISAM in sql dump.
    - Bugfix: Lists are now also deleted.



    Installation Instructions

    Download the ISPConfig-2.3.4-dev.tar.gz from

    Installation on the shell as root user:

    tar xvfz ISPConfig-2.3.4-dev.tar.gz
    cd install_ispconfig

    The installer automatically detects the installed ISPConfig version and performs an update.
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    very nice! except the current stable version is 2.2.22...
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    Thanks for the hint. I corrected the version number.
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    and now it is 2.2.23 :)
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    hehe ;)

    What about 2.2.2x , the we have 7 updates left :D

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