1. Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 - ISPconfig3 - domain & email re-direct:

    Is it possible to make a script which manipulate ISPconfig3 CP to create a subdomain and a domain redirect?
    Is it possible to make a script which manipulate ISPconfig3 CP to create a email forwarding address?

    Here's what I want to do:

    Function 1.:
    I want to be able to create subdomains based on one particular domain e.g. apollo2.dk, which links to a url.

    Ex. 1.
    enter "danhansen" which creates the subdomain "danhansen.apollo2.dk"
    enter "url" which the subdomain "danhansen.apollo2.dk" links to, e.g. html://tdcclient.webcust.domaindk.very_long_url.domain.tld

    So that you can create subdomains on a html/php site by entering the data mentioned above in to form fields.

    Function 2.:
    I want to be able to create email addresses based on the same domain apollo2.dk, which links to another email address

    Ex. 2.
    enter "danhansen" which creates the email address "[email protected]"
    enter "email address" which the email address "[email protected]" links to, e.g. [email protected]

    So that you can create a email redirect on a html/php site by entering the data mentioned above.

    Hope I've explained myself OK. If not, please ask me, this project is very important to me.
    Any kind of suggestions will be greatly appreciated ;)
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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, thats both possible wit the remote api. Please see examples and documentation in the remote_client folder of the ispconfig.tar.gz
  3. Hi Till,

    Long time, no "hear" ;)

    I'm a very happy guy right now! Can this really be true!?!? OK, if you say so, it has to be. But as you know, I'm a little difficult to help, I always have another question lined up ;)

    1. Regarding the ispconfig.tar.gz file, is this a file which I can extract on e.g. a windows desktop? And, tar.gz can be extracted with WinRAR I think, but the samples and doc. in the remote_client folder, is this text files/pdf--files/php-files or something completely different??
    To ask the same question in another way, how do you usually view these samples and docs? I never had anything to do with a .gz file before, or so I think ;)

    2. I invested in a professional connection from my ISP, and therefore have several IP numbers. This means I can install another ISPconfig as a stand alone server, no problem in that, right? ISPconfig3 can be set up using the "Single Server Setup" on multiple computers, right?

    Thanks for your help...
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1) You can extract it with winrar. the help files are .html, so you can view them in the browser and the examples are in php.

    2) yes. But take care to install it on another server or another virtual machine :)
  5. Hi Till,

    Thanks for prompt response ;)

    Great, now let's get cracking ;)

    OK, I see.. What's the precaution?? And I only use physical machines, no VM. But what do I have to watch out for??
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Just dont try to install ispconfig twice on the same machine without using virtualisation. as you use physical machines for each install, there will be no problems.
  7. Hi Till,

    1. What about DNS? It's possible to run another ISPconfig3 server as a "Single Server Setup" and use the DNS on this box as well, right? Just have to create another primary name-server, right?! According to the manual it's possible, just need another primary name-server.
    I don't want it to conflict with the other ISPconfig3 server. I always use a physical machine as a server, never use virtual solutions. Not more than the ISPconfig3 server does itself ;)

    2. In the manual, there's a sample where we are told how to set up another ISPconfig3 server, "server2" and then use the primary DNS on the first ISPconfig3 server, "server1". But I rather use them as stand alone machines, so the one doesn't need the other! Can it be done?

    Thanks for your help ;)
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can use 2 standalone ispconfig servers for dns as well, in this case, yiu create a primary dns record on the first server, in the xefr field you add the ip address of your second dns server. Then you add a dns slave record in ispconfig on the second server.
  9. Hi Till,

    I'm sorry, I don't get it. D...! I hate to ask twice about the same thing. Maybe if I explain myself a little better. This is about how I thought it should be done.
    So that you can take the server under your arm, and place it in another network, just as you mention in the manual. Or is this stupid? I have 2 IP numbers extra pointing at my WAN.
    I couldn't find this expression "in the xefr field", so I couldn't figure out exactly what you meant. But it's OK, I'll read the manual DNS pages again, then it might occur to me ;)


    ISPconfig3 server, server.apollo01.dk, with primary nameserver. Secondary nameserver at some danish free domainname service.

    NS1: NS apollo01.dk. ns1.apollo01.dk. 0 3600
    NS2: NS apollo01.dk. ns2.freedns.dk. 0 3600

    Glue record: A ns1 0 3600

    Server2: (New ISPconfig3 server - project using script to create subdomains/email forwards)

    ISPconfig3 server, server.apollo02.dk, with it's own primary nameserver. Secondary nameserver at some danish free domainname service.

    NS1: NS apollo02.dk. ns1.apollo02.dk. 0 3600
    NS2: NS apollo02.dk. ns2.freedns.dk. 0 3600

    Glue record: A ns1 0 3600


    TDC (ipv4) ............ :
    Client/CPE (ipv4) ..... :
    Broadcast (ipv4) ...... :
    Net id (ipv4) ......... :


    WAN IP-address:

    LAN IP-address:*
    (ipv6) -
    *they call it LAN IP-addresses because they believe we are all stupid...
  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The xfer field is labeled "allo zone transfers to these ip addresses".
  11. Hi Till,

    OK, now I know which it is! I use the same field to allow "somedanishnameservice" to synchronize DNS zones because I'm using their dns service as secondary nameserver.

    So server1 and server2 synchronizes zones, but isn't it necessary to apply for a new nameserver at my ISP then?
    I know there's many ways to configure ISPconfig3, but I want the second ISPconfig server to be completely like server1. So that I can move it, by itself, if this is the case.
    I'm sorry, but I thought I learned about DNS.. Apparently not...
  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes. The nameservers of a domain shall be listet at the registry.

    Ok. Thats something different. It makes no sense to setup server 1 and server2 as independant servers then. If you want to have a server that you can switch over in case of a failure, then you better use a mirrr setup.

    e.g. for dns, when you would create the same zone on both servers manually, then the zones would get different serials and other nameservers would thin that your servers are broken, as all servers that are authoritve for the same domain must use the same serial number.
  13. Hi Till ;)

    Sorry, I meant nameserver number 2. I use ns1.apollo01.tld now, for my ISPconfig server 1.
    This second ISPconfig server is for the project with sub-domains and email redirect only! And this is why I believed applying for another primary nameserver was the right thing to do. So that this ISPconfig server 2 has it's own primary nameserver: ns1.ispconfig-server2.tld . I want the project to have it's own ISPconfig/webserver completely. So that it's possible to move to another network/Internet line.

    The thing is, that I'm changing the whole network set up. We have applied for additional public IP-numbers. Right now we only have 3, as I showed in an earlier post. We are moving the internet servers from behind the NAT to the "outside" on public IP-numbers.. But isn't possible to have such 2 ISPconfig server with each 1 primary nameserver running?


    OK, this was not what I meant, not for this project. This is not the issue now. It was the issue some time ago, because I wanted to make a mirror server of ISPconfig server1! I don't know if you remember it, but I installed the mirror server according to the ISPconfig3 Manual, but it didn't work! As you told me then, there was a bug or some kid of failure on the MySQL function. We wrote about it, some 6 moths ago if I remember correctly.
    Now that we are talking about it, do you know if this error has been corrected? Well, I guess it's an unfair question, I can't even remember the precise circumstances myself :eek:

    Till,thanks for helping me ;)


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