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Discussion in 'General' started by dbrooke, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. dbrooke

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    I am a long-time "watcher" of ISPconfig, but a very rare poster/user. After many years of dabbling in hosting, I am finally becoming more serious and investing some resources. I'm encouraged to see ISPConfig still very active.

    Anyway, I'll be DL'ing ISPconfig to a dev environment (VMWare) to test very soon, but thought I should start with some questions to those that are already in the trenches.

    First, I am considering Ubuntu as my platform of choice. Any problems there? Is there a preferred OS/Platform for ISPConfig? (I'm guessing not).

    Second, I was looking at: but did not see a listing of apps that get installed. Is there a link to a list of specific apps?.. such as PostFix Vs Sendmail, specific FTP server etc..

    3Rd, I'm considering offering virtual machine hosting solutions in my end hosting design. How does ISPConfig3 work with that kind of stuff.. or does it?

    Lastly, I am also considering separating out services on different machines.. which is arguably prudent in a hosting environment... How would an ISPConfig3 wannabe set up a hosting environment, lets say, if they have Web services on one server and email/DNS on another (for example). Does ISPConfig separate out very well?

    Sorry if some of these questions are FAQ's!... just getting into this and will have a short time frame to get it rolling!

  2. Horfic

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    Well there Debian as recommended OS, but it works also out of the box with Ubuntu.
    Just check out the Howto for your OS, there you can see the recommended packages.

    Well, it isn't supported yet, although it is in the roadmap for ISPConfig 3
    You can run all or just some services on one machine and some on others, etc.

    You can control all over one ISPConfig 3 webinterface.

    You can also set predefined Master Service Machines for one User and some other for others.
  3. Romoku

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    You might be able to look into openvz. It offers KVM for your virtual hosting. I have a debian lenny box running on Proxmox VE full-kvm that hosts my ISPConfig 3 install.

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