ISPC / nginx / access websites via ~web1?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sydios, Aug 7, 2012.

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    i am moving some sites from a plesk instalation to my new ispc / nginx server.
    Bevor i route the domains to the new server i want to test the sites if they working. How do i get access to the sites?
    I tryed this http://new.server.ip/~web1 and ~client1 or ~client1_web1 but it dosent worked out.

    thanks a lot,

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    same question but need English answer

    Till... yes, he cross-posted, but the other post in German. I can't read German!!

    It would have helped if you just answered his question in English too. Cross-posting is a problem, but sometimes it helps when people answer the same question in multiple languages.

    I couldn't read the German response. Could you answer this question in English? I have the same question. Please?

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    ISPConfig Perfect Server Setup - what is password for web1, web2, etc...

    Actually, my question is a little different. I did the things you mentioned in the link:

    It works great for my web sites. However, I am also running a program in the same folder.

    for example, my web site is in:


    however, i want to run a script in:


    since it is the first domain that was set up in ISPConfig, the user is listed as "web1"

    what i want to do is log into the linux machine as "web1" automatically, and then run the script through the Starup Applications. Everything should work fine, but there is one problem...

    what is the password for "web1"? ISPConfig automatically created "web1" and assigned it a password when I added the domain. How can I find out what the password is?

    I don't want to change the password because it might mess up all the other settings that ISPConfig created.

    Can you please help me figure out what the password for "web1" is? (and also for web2, web3, etc, etc...)

    I used Nginx, ISPConfig, and The Perfect Server setup.
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    My question was skipped...

    You didn't answer my question, which is listed below:

  7. tyzenker

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  8. till

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    The web users dont have password and are not meant for logging in, they are system users used to run the website php scripts. If you want tologin as web1 user, create a shell user in ispconfig for that website, all shell users of a site share the same uid.
  9. till

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    I answered you question already, which is not related to this thread at all btw. The topic of this thread is answered in the faq.

    Please make a new thread if you have a different question!
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    thank you so much

    Actually, the first part of this thread was related to the first 10% of my question, which was why I didn't want to make a duplicate thread. But I understand your meaning. In the future, I will just make a new thread. Sorry about that.

    Thank you so much for answering!! And so quickly!

    I understand what you are saying. I just created the new shell user. I think it just might work!!

    Just one question... when two Users share the same UID, do they share 100% of the same properties? I mean... are the user permissions the same?

    I want to run a script inside of that web site's directory. Will that work too?

    Thank you again.

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    Users are identified on a linux system by its uid and the permissions are based on this uid, the usernames that you refer to are just aliases for human users and you can have as many aliases to one uid as you like.

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