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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Pccstudent, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Hello to all, new member here. I am taking this summer to do all I can related to Linux. One of the projects I took on is putting my webserver on Fedora 14 (using the provided guide). Typically I used XP and Apache and I have that process down pretty good. I use an Untangle box for DHCP and NATing my webservers IP (Changing the static IP the outside world sees into an IP the internal network uses). I ask how should I intergrate the instructions given for network connections and the fact I am using an Untangle box. Typically I do all network IP assignments at the Untangle box but the instructions for the Fedora 14 setup want me to do some IP assignments at the Fedora 14 box. I ask if anyone has worked this setup through when they are using an Untangle box? I hope I do not become to much of a pest but I do have a lot to get ready for next semester (Linux Network Administration)
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    On a webserver you normally use static IP addresses, so thats what the perfect setup describes. I recommend that you configure one or more static IP addresses on the fedora server which are not within the DHCP range of your untangle server.

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