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  1. john doe

    john doe New Member

    I hope some one helps me.

    I am doing a school porject and I need to shot my work. Everything was fine because i used local ip's. But only now I wake up and thought what if...

    Now I did out squirrelmail working with my external IP but I can't get webmin and ISP3config3 working acessing from school/friend's house while my server is on.

    I hope someone read's and help me I need to wake up in 7 hours.
  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    Well you're mostlikely sleeping for one more hour at this time .. so when you wake up ..

    Squirrelmail works, so the server is reachable from wan .. now check if your services are listening on all interfaces instead of just your localhost..

    netstat -tapn

    check if the ispconfig vhost is configured to listen on all interfaces


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