ISP Config3 Reseller and Client problems

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by orion09, Oct 5, 2009.

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    I´m new to ISP Config, I installed and wasn´t able to add Cutoms Rules or change to my language, so I upgraded to the most recent one, it qorks like a charm on my CentOS installation, after the upgrade I managed to add the Custom Rules and change the language.

    The thing is, when I did the upgrade I only made a .sql backup of the "mail_" tables, restored then nicely and the accounts are working, but now when logged in as a client i cannot check the "Use Antispam" in mailboxes, tried as Admin, goes fine, so I thought that it could be a Client restriction, decided to change clinte to Reseller, well when trying to edit the limits of the reseller it gives me this message:

    Unknown column 'limit_cron' in 'field list'

    Well, could not find any tables with "limit_cron" in it, can anyone help me?

  2. Antennipasi

    Antennipasi ISPConfig Developer

    well, if you upgraded with included tool why did you restore backup?
    IspConfig's database is not always same between versions, and as you noticed, one can not blindly restore tables to it from previous versions.

    there is no cron-related tables in mail_*, are you sure you did not restore something else too, like "client" and/or "client_template"?
  3. orion09

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    Well, we had to restore the mail_* databases cause we already had tons of mail accounts, but the versin of ISPConfig 3 we were using had no Mail Custom Rules working, and had no pt-br language, so we upgraded it, and yes, tables with the resseler and client logins were restored also. Too many to be hand made.

    So am I screwd ?
  4. Antennipasi

    Antennipasi ISPConfig Developer

    still, if you use update-function as described here:
    data should already be there, no need to restore anything.
    if really necessary to restore stuff, one should restore only values, not table-structure.

    anyway, running these two commands should bring you back:
    ALTER TABLE `client` ADD `limit_cron` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `limit_database` ,
    ADD `limit_cron_type` ENUM( 'url', 'chrooted', 'full' ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'url' AFTER `limit_cron` ,
    ADD `limit_cron_frequency` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '5' AFTER `limit_cron_type` ;
    ALTER TABLE `client_template` ADD `limit_cron` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `limit_database` ,
    ADD `limit_cron_type` ENUM( 'url', 'chrooted', 'full' ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'url' AFTER `limit_cron` ,
    ADD `limit_cron_frequency` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '5' AFTER `limit_cron_type` ;
    as always, make backups before executing commands on mysql.
    you have table named "cron", right?
    there can still be some minor jerks, if so, i have to check what else was changed in mysql between and

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