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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by burg, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. burg

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    If my website basedir is /projects , how can I set website path to be: /projects/ ?

    /projects/[website_domain] is not working
  2. dgeho1

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    One thing that might work

    I am assuming that you aren't trying to have the function as a domain...

    ISPconfig creates a tree of folders when you create a website.

    all of your files should live in the /web folder of the folder it cretes

    if you have /web/projects than the index.htm or any other files in the /projects folder will only be accessible by

    you have some options:
    in your ftp client settings make your root /web/projects

    or copy the contents of /projects to /web (realizing that depending on whether the paths in the html were absolute(will need to re-path) or if they were relative should work

    I'm new to ISP config..but hopefully this helps
  3. till

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    This path can not work as it conatians a variable that can be modified by users (the domain name) and the real path of sites may not contain such a variable, it may only contain webid and client. Please restore the original paths and ensure that you delete allw ebsites that you created with this wrong path.

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