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  1. tchouvince

    tchouvince New Member


    I have update my ISPConfig to ISPConfig
    I have seen we can now use aps standard ( with ispconfig.

    But how to ? I have no find anu documentation for that.

    Thanks for advance
  2. dclardy

    dclardy Member

    If you look at the bottom of the sites section, you should see the APS settings there. You can pick a package and follow the prompts.

    It seems to be pretty self explanatory.
  3. budgierless

    budgierless Member

    where on the site is this information? did i miss something?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    APS is supported for about 2 years already, login to ispconfig, you can see the app installer in the left menu of the website module.
  5. budgierless

    budgierless Member

    Yes, but the repo is empty, i have clicked activate, username and password are blank, then clicked update on the update page waited 20mins but noting, did update again and waited an hour and nothing, did again for all night and nothing.

    I must be doing something wrong, can you please tell me all the steps needed to populate the repository? also do i need any Ubuntu dependency to make this work?
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You mix up the aps installer with the ispconfig extension installer. The aps installer is in the web module, the extension installer that you are talking about is in the system module.
  7. budgierless

    budgierless Member

    ok, yes i do want to use the aps installer, i got confused because i cant found any documentation, is their a direct link that show implementation, I am so lost :(
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Login to ispconfig, go to the sites module, there you can find the aps installer. The installer has no settings and you dont have t configure any repsoitories for it. Kust click on "update packagelist" in the menu of the sites module and with until the page shos that it is finished. This may take some time as it downloads the packages and extracts their content from afterwarsd you can install the packages by clicking on them in the package list.
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  9. budgierless

    budgierless Member

    ok. i get it now, i was mixing up the two installers, main problem is that i did not notice it in the sites section, and the manual made no references to this at all, only two lines of text in the manual about the aps installer, but noting about where is was or even screenshot, thanks for your help im sorted now, cheers!!

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