ISP Config 2 on Centos 4.8

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    I have some problems with the ispconfig setup for some reason and decided to quickly just remove and attempt to install it.

    After the first try of installing ISP config 2 it failed (cant remember the message), but I know it was due to:

    This version of ISPConfig comes with a SpamAssassin version that requires that the following two Perl modules are installed: NetAddr::IP and Archive::Tar. If you are unsure if these modules are installed, you should open a second shell now and install them, because otherwise the ISPConfig installation/update will fail! These modules can be installed as follows

    But I know now I dont have this, but the following link for an rpm install at:

    rpm -ivh rpm -ivh

    But comes back with the following error:

    Its obviously not there as an rpm, any suggestions as to where I can locate the rpm and install it anyone?

    Any help is appreciated,
  2. j.smith19810808

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    Some reason it wasnt working from that but when i copied the link location from firefox on here it works.

    how bizarre.

    sorry for the post, can remove it if you'd like?

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