IS Ubuntu Safe enough for a Colocated ecommerce site server?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by the_idol, Aug 14, 2006.

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    I currently have a dedicated server (redhat 7.2 custom) on CI-Host, it is an entry level machine. I was thinking that I could move my 6 websites that exist on that server to the ubuntu 6.06 server that I built and have it colocated. I have not seen any hosting companies that offer a unbuntu dedicated server.

    So I was wondering is Ubuntu safe enough to be used on a mission critical website. If so why aren't any hosting companies using it?

    Any help in finding sources for info about securing a ubuntu server would be very helpful.

    I like the ease that software updates and installs happen on ubuntu, so I would like to use it, but I can't afford to be compromised by a hacker.

    The Idol
  2. Ben

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    If your server is safe does not really has sth. in common with the distro, more with the configuration and administration of the machine, from basic stuff like apache and their modules config, postfix config (avoid beeing an open relay) etc.

    Anyway, why do you want to use ubuntu on a server? As I far as I know *buntu has the same goal like xandros etc. to have a comfortable GUI etc. but on the console they are mostly the same... so I would use Debian (on which *buntu is based on) or CentOS (better to be compared with your current RHEL)
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