Is there an software to track the mail

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    I heard from one of my friends who said that there is email tracker available to track the mail which has been received by the particular person. Its really the email tracking software is available.
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    email tracker

    you can DIG an MX record for a destination domain to see when the destination is located. the SMTP system doesnt have any mechanism to send back where an email was delivered. You could send an email to a person [email protected] and that system could relay the mail to some other email server accross the country, you would not know or be able to see.

    If you send your emails with a 'request read receipt' and the person at the other end agreed to send the read receipt you can look in the mail header and see the source, the compare the source address vs the MX record to see if any relaying is done. If they are on the same subnet you can be fairly confident in knowing where the mailserver is, but not where the client is.

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