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Discussion in 'General' started by misterm, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Hello with all, I would like to include/understand a thing, with MyDNSConfig, one can create is even original extensions, such as for example "www.exemple.dom" or one me, so that I must this always hold with the extension normal, like, for example "", explain include/understand the operation of MyDNSConfig well..., Thank you for your assistance...

    Is also, MyDNSConfig, one can install it on waiter with a normal FIXED IP, is also with which distribution also, because I would like, to make the test, but to give me the answer initially just above so that I include/understand well before installing it..

    Other questions which come me to mind, MyDNSConfig, can be installed on a normal server, having a IPFixe address, is with which distribution also...?

    You made the test, that functions, have you a demo, so that I test the functionality is with visual of this one....

    Thank you for your have is answers... MM :rolleyes:
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    As far as I know MyDNSConfig should be able to be applied to most distributions. Lots of info is available even via google searches.

    Also alternatively, you could also consider using your router (if fairly new one) if if supports DyDNS setups. There's many of them that offer this as a feature to allow the same function as using MyDNSConfig to allow for static like ip setup. For example of a router that supports this feature - look at something like a DIR-655 however there's many others that do it.

    You could check this link for a list of known routers than can do this feature:

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  3. misterm

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    I think that one can do it....

    Yes, I seek in made account, to include/understand the operation of MyDNSConfig is to be sought a howto to create different domain names, but, I believed that one can create imaginary extensions, can your create imaginary extensions with MyDNSConfig, or there is you there a howto which explains how to create these imaginary extensions...

    Thank you for your assistance...



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