Is It Possible To Reinstall (Ub) Without Losing Files?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by matey, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. matey

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    Hello All:

    My question is:
    Is there a way to reinstall Ubuntu without losing everything, or just do a repair on the OS somehow?
    I used to choice off the Install CD but it did not work? (Did not even ask for the old password)? I must've done something wrong? or did I?


    this is the details:

    I almost blew it today: (" saves" thread) but I got out of trouble safely but this has always been a question for me because:

    I have had to reinstall Ubuntu 3 or 4 times already (this is why they tell you NOT to log in as ROOT and we dont listen) LOL ;)

    In every case when I reinstalled the fdisk portion of the Install CD gave NO choice as to reinstall over the same partitions in fact if I remember correctly it gave me no choice but to Format All Partitions as well.

    So basically I Lost All My Files.
    (I mean I knew I would, but I had no choice but to go I am not complaining lol).

    I have used the Advance Install (from CD root menu by F6), and used the other choice off the main menu to Save the Old System choices to no avail?!

    I do not know why it (Install OS) does not ask you for the old root's password then let you just install the necessary files so you can boot decently??
    I never saw such choice so I am asking you!

    If you know how or know a link please post it for me (and other people).

    Thank You!
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  2. hrvyklly

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    I know this is all very 'after the horse has bolted', but when you install, create a partition for / a partition for /home and a swap partition.
    There will be many people who will say create a partition for /boot and one for /var etc. But, for an example, / needs no more than 10GB, swap roughly double the size of your RAM, and the rest for /home.
    That way next time you mess up and want to reinstall ;) you only need to format where / is and not the partition you'll mount as /home.
    /home is /dev/sda5 on my system, and in the last month I've installed Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora, every time mounting /dev/sda5 as /home, and obviously enough, never lost any of my stuff.
  3. matey

    matey New Member

    oh really?
    Thanks a lot.
    I hope I wont mess up again but next time I'll remember to use only the / to reinstall!
    make sense now
    Thanks again.

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