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  1. snarf77

    snarf77 New Member

    Hi all,

    With help of this forum I succeed in installing iRedMail with LDAP support on Ubuntu 10.04 but now I don't know exactly how to use it.

    I added a user in my LDAP tree thanks to phpLDAPadmin but I'm not able to access its mail account within RoundCube and it is even not listed in the iRedMail admin page as mail users of my domain.

    Is there a particular template to use to achieve this ? I'm not used at all to phpldapadmin but my skill with ldap is limited so I enjoy the tool and like to handle it better. On the automatically created user ([email protected]) I can see an entry accountStatus which is active but I can't find the same for the user I created. Perhaps it could be a clue...

    Do some of you have any links to some step by step instruction on how to add ldap users so iRedMail can be aware of ? Searching the web I just found some phpldapadmin manual alone or some iRedMail tuto but they add users with the iRedAdmin interface

    Thanks in advance

  2. eddiechen

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    in phpldapadmin,create user is very difficult, have many job need to do. this is the reason why iRedMail develop the iRedAdmin to manage the iRedMail.
  3. snarf77

    snarf77 New Member

    I succeeded nevertheles in creating users in phpldapadmin but it's true that it is really painful because it requires to add additionnal objectClass one after another and to configure the long list of related entry.

    The easiest way I found is finally the contrary which is to create as you say the user via iRedAdmin and after browsing this new record with phpldapadmin and adding additionnnal information such as other phone number, address and so on in order for the user to be displayable like an address book in thunderbird or other mail client.

    Thanks anyway for your reply...


    PS: good work for your how to even if personally I had some minor problems...

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