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Would you use an ISPConfig IRC channel?

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  1. nveid

    nveid ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Okay.. I know till & falko are going to say.. The best place to discuss developer stuff is the forums...

    Though, personally when I develop things, I get a lot of motivation when there is a irc room. If not only if its to drop a brief line on something I'm working on or poll some quick ideas, or people to bat in my the right direction to work on something rather than being scattered in a million different areas. Being as that, I was just wanting to poll how many are actually interested in an irc chat room?

    One of the best advantages of an irc medium is of course, to quickly spread the knowledge of ISPConfig to help people out.. Developers and non-developer Server Admins alike. Keep in mind, we will most likely never find Falko and Till in the irc, however I believe there is probably other developers out there that will most likely join in... As well as existing ISPConfig users out there would be able to quickly point new ISPConfig users in the right direction. Anywho, aside from Till and Falko(the anti-irc nazi's :p).. Who's interested in an ISPConfig irc channel?

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