Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by erkan, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. erkan

    erkan Member

    I want to use IPV6 on my new LAMP (Debian 6, ISP Config) server instead of IPV4. Is there something different I need to do in order to get IPV6 working on my server?

    Haven't set up the server yet, just thought I should ask before I begin.
  2. bpmee

    bpmee Member

    I don't know how to use IPv6 exclusively, but depending on what your server does (ie. hosts websites, backup server, email server, database server, or some combination of all) you might want to use BOTH IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time, which is fine.

    If you don't have an IPv6 record for your main IP, ask your network admin to help assign and setup this record.
  3. erkan

    erkan Member

    It's a web and database server.

    I tried setting up a server with only a IPV6 adress but found that I couldn't connect to it with SSH.

    I use Putty which it says should be able to use IPV6 and on the server I use openSSH. Putty just says network error.

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